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Aksios company manufactures products from polymers and elastomers using innovative technologies

The history goes back to 1990 a small firm that started using innovative equipment for the manufacturing of machined seals.

For over twenty-five years, Aksios Manufacturing Company has been producing machined seals using innovative technologies.

History of the company

Over 30 years of success in the global market
Since 1990, the small firm with one machine, only a few employees and a proactive and goal-oriented leader has grown into a successful company with a lot of experience and manufacturing capabilities.

Today the company operates its own office and a full-service production side with over 60 employees including leading experts in the field of sealing technology. We provide high quality seals for many companies in our country, as well as in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iran and Hungary.
Working with our company, you will be able to design seals for the most unusual conditions (of equipment). Our vast experience enables us to successfully find and implement unusual solutions.

We support our customers from the design stage through to operation. Working with us is convenient, reliable and efficiency.
We comply with international standards and offer our customers the best product
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